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The Montana Air National Guard aAirman and Family Readiness Program has developed priorities to help us better serve our members, their families, and our veterans.

We are committed to:
-Providing continual deployment support to service members and their families throughtout all stages of the deployment cycle.
-Further the effectiveness of the Key Spouse Program through annual training and monthly meetings while encouraging leadership support.
-Develop a comprehensive and synamic Family Programs marketing plan to  better reach our family members, and outside military/civilian organizations.
-Continue to provide service mebers and families with quarterly morale.

Tha Montana Air National Guard Airman and Family Readiness Program's Mission Staetment.
Empowering military service members, families, veterans and communities through comprehensive and quality programs, resources and support to sevelop resiliency and self-sufficiency.

Key Spouse Contacts: 

Key Spouse Contacts:

219th Red Horse-

120th OPS Group- or

120th Maintenance Group- or or

120th Medical Group-

120th Civil Engineering Squadron-  

120th Logistics Readiness Squadron-

120th Force Support Squadron- 

120th Security Forces Squadron-

120th Communications Squadron-

Counseling Resources:

Director of Psychological Health (DPH):

     Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC):

     Military OneSource (MOS):  

Financial Assistance:

Federal Income Tax Withholding: (see attached)

    Money and Mobility for Military Personnel: (see attached)

    What You Should Know About Retirement: (see attached)

    Spending Plan Template: (see attached)

    Personal Financial Counselor (PFC):

Deployment Information:

DMV Application for Military Registration: (see attached)

    Montana FWP License Discount:(see attached)

    Montana Military Family Relief Fund Application ($250 Grant): see attached


Montana National Guard Thrift Shop: (see attached)

    Our Military Kids, Inc. Grant: (see attached)

Additional Resources:

120th AW Facebook Page:

    219th RHS Facebook Page:

    MTANG Family Programs Facebook Page:

    Malmstrom AFB Family Programs:




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