Joint Family Support Assistance Program

The Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP) is here to provide mobile, high-quality Family services to augment the ability of current family programs to meet the needs of active duty, Guard and Reserve family programs.  In Montana, this team consistes of a Military OneSource Consultant (MOS), a Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC) and a Personal Financial Counselor (PFC)

The JFSAP teams provide the following services and resources: 

  • Information and referrals to community services and support
  • Non-medical counseling and education to individuarls, families, and groups
  • Child and youth services, to include non-medical counseling
  • Financial education and counseling
  • On demand support for Yellow Ribbon Program and other deployment events

Military One Source
Information and resources to help balance work and family life.  Consultants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  MOS is of particular value to service members and families who are geographically separated from installation services or who are unalbe to see assistance during traditional working hours.  If you would like a briefing at your FRG on what MOS has to offer, please contact them directly. 
Tabitha Garvin-Betancourt - 406-781-4986

Military and Family Life Counselor and Child and Youth Behavioral MFLC

The MFLC provides direct, short-term, non-medical, solution focused counseling and psycho-educational services to individuals, couples, families and groups for situations resulting from commonly occurring life circumstances such as parenting, relationship donflicts, stress, personal loss, and deployments, and reunions.  The MFLC has overall responsibility for ensuring that geographically dispersed families have access to appropriate cousneling services.  They may meet with families and Unit FRGs.  The MFLC makes appropriate referrals and warm transfers to military and community counseling resources. 
Contact your local Family Assistance Center for more information

Personal Financial Counselor
The PFC provides personal finanacial counseling who can help you and your family manage finances, resolve financial problems and reach long-term goals such as getting an education, buying a home and planning for retirement.  PFC services are no cost, private and confidential. Contact Kurt for further information and to schedule a meeting.

Kurt Ault (PFC) located in Helena,MT

Phone: 406-202-4276



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