Taking Care of Business

  1. Check your driver’s license and vehicle tabs to make sure they have not expired no sense getting a ticket if you don’t have to. Check on speed limit changes. Reactivate your vehicle insurance to reflect your current status.  (Upgrade your policy to reflect your new Harley).

  2. PMCS your POV especially if it has not been run for the length of your tour.

3.  Verify registration in TRICARE for you and your family.  See Benefits page. 

4.  Register your DD214 in with your county service officer and the county registrar.  If you or your family needs to prove your military service they can go get an official copy of your DD214.  For MTVAD Serice Officer locations:  Click here.

5.  Employment: See Employment page.

  • Notify your employer set up a return date
  • If not employed file for MT Unemployment insurance at the local job service office..
  • Sign up for TAP (Transition Assistance Program)
  • Contact ESGR Rep for more help in your employment area 

6.  School:  See Education page            

7.  Investigate ALL your benefits  http://virtualarmory.com 

8.  Notify your creditors that you are no longer eligible for the 6% interest.  If you don’t they will find out and collect the rest of the interest 

9.  Complete your travel voucher with your unit as you are entitled to per diem and other allowances. Make sure it is done accurately and correctly as it is worth a lot 0f money and you don’t want to have to re-submit it more then once as the process may take awhile. 

10.  File your state and federal taxes.  AKO online and MyPay have tax programs to use free of charge  11. Rescind any Power of attorney you may have outstanding 

12.  Within 90 days of REFRAD sign up for your free VA dental exam.  Do not get a Dental Exam on yur own without signing up with the VA or else YOU will pay.

13.  Ensure any promotions, awards, or re-enlistments are recorded in your permanent 201 file and review your promotion packet.  No one will manage your career better then you. 

14.  Unpack your gear ASAP and wash it!!  Turn in any contraband or sensitive items you find immediately. 

15.  Do not lose your sense of discipline, set some healthy goals for yourself and stick to them.

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